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SN 5W/20

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吉尼斯茂金属系列SN 5W-20全合成发动机油是一种全合成机油,拥有2万公里的超长换油里程。是由高质量的合成基础油和先进的添加剂调配而成。此产品已申请专利(MPAO)。本产品能在恶劣的工作环境下对各种发动机提供保护,具有极佳的流动性、抗磨损性、清净性和粘温特性。适用于世界各大汽车制造商生产的顶级豪华轿车和跑车,如奔驰、宝马、法拉利、保时捷等。

■ 防止故障:良好的氧化稳定性和热稳定性,减少发动机的磨损。

■ 沉积物控制:良好的清净分散性,能减少漆膜、油泥等沉积物的产生。

■ 冷启动性能:优异的低温启动性能,可在发动机启动瞬间提供足够的润滑并形成油膜,防止发动机在严苛低温下冷启动产生过量磨损。

■ 超长保护:相对普通矿物油更长的换油周期。

■ 磨损保护:改善油膜强度,防止磨损。

■ 蒸发性能:在严苛工况下可以降低蒸发和消耗。

Gness metallocene series Sn 5W-20 fully synthetic engine oil is a kind of fully synthetic engine oil with an extra long oil change mileage of 20000 km. It is made of high quality synthetic base oil and advanced additives. This product has been patented (mpao). This product can provide protection for all kinds of engines in bad working environment, with excellent fluidity, anti-wear, cleanness and viscosity temperature characteristics. It is applicable to the top luxury cars and sports cars produced by the world's major automobile manufacturers, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, etc.

■ prevent failure: good oxidation stability and thermal stability, reduce engine wear.

■ sediment control: good clean dispersion, which can reduce the production of paint film, sludge and other sediments.

■ cold start performance: excellent low-temperature start performance, which can provide enough lubrication and form oil film at the moment of engine start, so as to prevent excessive wear of engine during cold start under severe low temperature.

■ ultra long protection: longer oil change cycle compared to ordinary mineral oil.

■ wear protection: improve oil film strength and prevent wear.

■ evaporation performance: it can reduce evaporation and consumption under severe conditions.

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